The Rural Firefighting Academy — providing innovative solutions to your training needs

Our eLearning courses range from two to 20 hours in length. You’ll have course access online 24/7 for six-months, and after successfully completing the course, you’ll receive a certificate to document your achievement. Most importantly, you’ll walk away with practical solutions for the issues you face and confidence to know that you are truly informed.

Problem: I want to learn more about firefighting, but my work and family activity schedule doesn’t allow me to attend regular sessions at the local fire school…

Solution: You are in control with RFA’s online self-paced programs. Take RFA classes on a schedule that best suits you. With RFA courses, you have a six-month completion timeframe from the registration date. This means, whether it’s a two- or 20-hour course, you can complete it in the first day, or week, if you would like. Or, take the entire six-months to obtain your certificate of completion. You set the schedule.  

Problem: Our local fire school instructors are qualified, but I sometimes find that the instructors move too quickly, or too slowly, through class materials – it’s frustrating…

Solution: Each student is an individual, with his or her own optimum learning speed. With the RFA digital chalk learning platform, you set the pace through the entire course. For example, if you find a course module difficult, review the module presentation multiple times. Our goal is for you to learn the material and be ready to place it into practice – we are successful only if you are. 

Problem: Our county and state fire schools offer their services to a broad section of the fire service – that means that some materials don’t apply to me and my department, since we serve a small-community…

Solution: Since most fire schools serve rural, suburban and urban fire departments, their course offerings reflect programs to meet diverse needs. At RFA, we only serve the small community firefighter. We tailor our courses to provide education to build a strong and effective small community fire department. You won’t find any high-rise firefighting courses at RFA! 

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