Rural Firefighting Ops

The Rural Firefighting Operations Online Course

Want to learn much more about effectively handling day-to-day operational challenges found in the small-community fire department?

This program provides critical information to improve the safety and performance of firefighting operations. Covering issues starting with fire department management, water supply pre-fire planning, all the way to conducting fireground operations, this 20-hour course is a must-have for fire officers, firefighters, pump operators and new recruits. The Rural Firefighting Handbook is included as the course textbook, along with 38 pages of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for conducting rural fire operations. The program references NFPA 1710 and NFPA 1500 standards.

…The RFO course will be implemented as standard into my department… It provides a great baseline for new recruits!… Chief Dennis P, Central Washington

…The Rural Firefighting Academy has hit the nail on the head with the Rural Firefighting Operations Online Course!…  Asst. Chief Scott E, Central Alaska

I give the Rural Firefighting Academy’s RFO course a Five Star rating!… Firefighter Henry S, Alberta, Canada

Students successfully completing the Rural Firefighting Operations Online Course will receive a certificate from the Rural Firefighting Academy to document their achievement.

Registration  Students must meet the following requirements for enrollment in the Rural Firefighting Operations Online Course:

  • Be a resident of USA or Canada
  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Have a high school diploma or GED certificate
  • Be a Fire Officer, Firefighter, Pump Operator, or New Recruit belonging to a department or fire district serving a rural or non-metro locale
  • Have access to a computer or tablet with an internet connection

RFO-01: self-paced; course length: 20 Hours — Cost: $249, per student. Enroll today!  *Organizations enrolling five or more students at one time are eligible for a discount. Contact us.

The course fee includes the student course textbook, The Rural Firefighting Handbook. After enrollment, when your registration is accepted and course fee received by our Academy staff, within 7-days you will receive a copy of the course textbook and instructions to start the online learning program.

A short sample of materials covered in this course: