Pressurized Hydrants

Pressurized Hydrant Analysis — Improving Water Supply Series 

Do you use pressurized fire hydrants as a water source for firefighting?

Understanding a pressurized water supply system’s capability is critical to delivering the required Rate of Flow on any fire. This program reviews the myths and realities of operating pressurized hydrants. Three types of municipal water supply systems and water distribution piping designs are reviewed. Operation of wet- and dry-barrel fire hydrants and the equipment and procedures required for hydrant flow tests are assessed. A step-by-step process for converting test data into a hydrant-water-curve graph is covered. This is a three module course. It includes a four-page SOP for conducting pressurized hydrant testing.

Students successfully completing this course will receive a certificate of completion from the Rural Firefighting Academy.

IWS-02: self-paced; course length: 4 Hours — Cost: $129, per student.  Enroll today! 

A sample of materials covered in this course: