About Us

Our mission is to provide highly-effective and targeted education for the small community firefighter, at an affordable price, with leading fire service instructors.

Rural Firefighting Academy is a division of the Live Fire Training Institute, Inc (LFTI).  LFTI was established in 2005 with the goal of providing top quality training and education programs for the fire service. LFTI fire instructors have since developed and delivered state of the art fire training and education curriculum around the globe.

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Dominic Colletti is the Chief Training Officer at the Rural Firefighting Academy. He is a former assistant fire chief and a fire instructor with more than two decades of experience leading courses and seminars on Rural Firefighting Operations in North America, the United Kingdom and China. Dominic is the author of the second edition of The Rural Firefighting Handbook, The Compressed Air Foam Systems Handbook and Class A Foam—Best Practice For Structure Firefighters. He has served on National Fire Protection Association technical committees, including NFPA 1500, Fire Department Occupational Health and Safety.

The Rural Firefighting Academy Advisory Board

Jeremy Keller has been active in rural and wildland fire planning since 1999. Combining backgrounds in fire operations, natural resources, and GIS, he works to improve rural fire protection through the application of innovative geospatial techniques. Presently, Jeremy is the State GIS Specialist for the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service in Ohio, and also volunteers as a firefighter/EMT in his home county. Previously, he spent a decade working in the wildland fire programs of the US Fish & Wildlife Service, the US Forest Service and the Florida Division of Forestry. Jeremy has degrees in both natural resources management and fire service administration, is a Certified Forester, and is a retired Navy Reserve officer.

Samuel Goldwater is a University of Maryland graduate and past staffer at Oklahoma State University and IFSTA. His fire service experience spans 40 years, holding volunteer and career positions, including the rank of Division Chief. He is the author of “500 Competencies for Firefighter Certification” and contributor to many IFSTA manuals. Mr. Goldwater is the vice president of business development for the Bob Andrews Group, LLC, a fire protection engineering and emergency response firm based in San Antonio, Texas.

Greg Jakubowski is a licensed professional engineer, fire chief and instructor for the US National Fire Academy. He is the author of the book “Rapid Intervention Teams” for Fire Protection Publications/Oklahoma State University. Mr. Jakubowski is a principal partner in Fire Planning Associates, Inc., a Pennsylvania company dedicated to helping both public and private clients deal with fire protection and emergency planning efforts.

Mike Laskaris is a licensed professional engineer, with 27 years of fire service experience. He holds eight patents for automotive fire apparatus/fire suppression equipment and is a volunteer firefighter. Specializing in fire pump and foam system new product development, Mr. Laskaris is the chief engineer at Hale Products, Inc. based in Ocala, Florida.